this page is made for convenience when someone (including myself) wants to check the status of packages I created/maintain.

Most of the packages are written in Julia Programming Language .

My Julia software projects are usually organized as many small packages so that people can easily use different components for other purpose.

The documentation of each project are maintained as a curated page under the project package. You can also find the link to them below.


QuantumBFS is a github organization hosts the Yao project. The Yao project aims to build a framework for programming quantum devices in Julia.


Comonicon is a CLI (Command Line Interface) generator written in Julia and for Julia that aims to provide a fast, intuitive CLI generator for humans.


The meta-programming standard library for MLStyle.


collective tools for Julia SSA IR.


Options & Configurations made easy.


The Ion project aims to provide a fluent terminal-base workflow for Julia.


This package exports a macro @from, which can be used to import objects from files. The hope is that you will never have to write include again.


The Indigo theme for Documenter.